Tejas Box Office Collection Day 1: Bollywood’s audacious actress, Kangana Ranaut, has never shied away from making headlines, be it for her outspoken nature or her cinematic contributions. Recently, all eyes were on her latest offering, ‘Tejas’, especially since the trailer was strategically released on Air Force Day, 8th October.

As of 27th October, the film has graced theaters, showcasing Kangana in a remarkable avatar as ‘Tejas Gill’. Her performance is, as expected, phenomenal and lives up to the standards she’s set in the industry. However, the initial numbers from the box office paint a slightly contrasting picture.

For all the anticipation surrounding its release, especially given the positive responses from both critics and audiences, ‘Tejas’ didn’t quite fly high on its opening day. A film that was heralded by its trailer and the buzz it created struggled to convert that into box office numbers. According to the box office report by Sainik India, ‘Tejas’ raked in a modest sum of Rs 1 crore 25 lakh on day one.

Despite the robust promotional activities leading up to its release, these figures were certainly unexpected. The anticipation was that the first-day collection would mirror the hype. Yet, all hope isn’t lost for ‘Tejas’. With the weekend on the horizon, the film’s makers are optimistic. They believe that weekend movie-goers could turn the tide in favor of ‘Tejas’.

Tejas Box Office Collection Day 1
Tejas Box Office Collection Day 1

While the initial response might have been lukewarm, ‘Tejas’ still stands as a testament to Kangana’s unparalleled acting prowess. It remains to be seen if the weekend audience will rally behind the film, transforming it into the blockbuster it was projected to be.

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