Kuldeep Bisht and Pradeep Juyal are no ordinary pair. Both of them had moved to the city for education and employment but, today, have returned to their roots. They are now shining examples in their village, reaping significant profits from their mushroom cultivation enterprise.

Origins and Background:

Kuldeep, hailing from the tranquil village of Bhainskoti in Tehri Garhwal, grew up watching his grandfather’s diligent work in farming. While Kuldeep’s father, a teacher, harbored dreams of his son acquiring formal education and landing a secure job, destiny had other plans. Thus, to fulfil his father’s wishes, Kuldeep pursued an MBA in Ghaziabad.

The City Job:

Upon completing his MBA, Kuldeep secured a position at a prominent bank. However, the call of the land persisted. Even amidst the hustle and bustle of bank work, Kuldeep’s passion for farming never waned. He confided in his friend, Pramod Juyal, about his agricultural aspirations.

Identifying an Opportunity:

While the areas around Dehradun are renowned for mushroom cultivation, Kuldeep noticed that his village was relatively untouched by this trend in 2017. Spurred by this observation and armed with his savings, Kuldeep laid the foundation for his nascent mushroom farming business.

Juggling Responsibilities:

Alongside mushroom, Kuldeep also inherited the responsibility of maintaining the orchard that his grandfather, a former irrigation department employee, had nurtured with over 250 fruit trees.

Learning the Trade:

Kuldeep’s transition to farming wasn’t impulsive. He dedicated time during his banking tenure in 2015 to learn about mushroom cultivation. His quest for knowledge took him to various Uttarakhand gardens, where he learned the craft directly from experienced farmers.

Kuldeep Bisht,Pradeep Juyal
Kuldeep Bisht,Pradeep Juyal

A Partnership Forged:

Sharing his vision with Pradeep, Kuldeep found an enthusiastic partner. Pradeep not only embraced the idea but also invested his savings of 40,000 to fuel their dream.

Beginning Small:

Their initial venture was modest. They rented a room where, post their regular jobs, they’d spend nights nurturing their mushroom crops. Their dedication bore fruit, and the duo successfully cultivated mushrooms while managing their city jobs.

Market Forays:

Not restricting themselves to just cultivation, Kuldeep and Pradeep took the initiative to market their produce. They soon expanded their repertoire, growing varieties like button, oyster, milky mushroom, Ganoderma, and Shiitake.

A Business is Born:

Witnessing the potential and driven by their success, Kuldeep and Pradeep took a leap of faith. They left their stable jobs to establish ‘JMD Farms’. While their decision raised many eyebrows and concerns, especially from family members, there was one person beaming with pride – Kuldeep’s grandfather, elated that the farming legacy was being carried forward.

Their story is not just about leaving jobs or cultivating mushrooms; it’s a testament to following one’s passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of dreams, even if they take one off the beaten path.