PAK vs SA: In the aftermath of Pakistan’s narrow loss to South Africa, fingers are being pointed, and one particular decision is under the scanner. According to cricket analyst and former player, Aakash Chopra, Babar Azam’s captaincy lapse played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s defeat.

Aakash Chopra’s Analysis:

Post the PAK vs SA showdown, Chopra didn’t hold back on his criticisms of Azam’s leadership. The crux of his argument lay in the fact that Azam failed to maintain an aggressive fielding stance, thereby allowing the South African batsmen to snatch singles with ease. This oversight, Chopra believes, culminated in the eventual unfavorable outcome for Pakistan.

The Crucial Match’s Breakdown:

PAK vs SA: The thrilling encounter in Chennai saw Pakistan bat first, concluding their innings at 270 in 46.4 overs. South Africa, showcasing resilience and determination, chased the target down with just one wicket remaining, finishing at 47.2 overs.

Pakistan’s Diminishing Hopes:

The loss against South Africa has cast a shadow on Pakistan’s hopes for a semi-final berth. The once formidable team now bears the weight of four consecutive defeats, leaving fans and pundits alike questioning their performance.

Chopra’s Detailed Observation:

PAK vs SA: Elaborating on his perspective via his YouTube channel, Aakash Chopra voiced his discontent with Azam’s decisions during the nail-biting match. “Watching the match unfold, especially post the fall of the initial eight wickets, and then the ninth, I was left pondering the captaincy approach,” Chopra remarked. He further expressed his bafflement over Azam’s tactics, stating, “The opposition was allowed to gather easy singles, and the repercussions were felt at the climax of the game. With several overs still to go and your primary bowlers done for the day, leaving the field wide open for singles, especially with just spinners in the attack, seemed like an ill-conceived strategy.”


The game of cricket, as is often said, is as much about strategy as it is about skill. Babar Azam’s captaincy choices in the match against South Africa have come under scrutiny, highlighting the ever-present challenge and pressure faced by cricketing captains on the global stage.

Image Credit – aljazeera