In the verdant stretches of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, a unique transformation unfolded – a retired army officer’s vision led a small village to become the nation’s largest carrot producer. Colonel Subhash Deswal, who had spent 21 years in the Indian Army, embarked on a remarkable post-retirement journey, proving that with vision, hard work, and resilience, any dream can become a reality.

Colonel Deswal, alongside his engineer friend, Lal Kishan Yadav, established “Sunshine Vegetable Private Limited” in 2006. While their company name beams with optimism, their initial venture into farming wasn’t smooth. The dynamic duo encountered numerous challenges. Neither owned land nor did they possess the necessary farming equipment. Their initial cultivation attempts of potatoes, okra, and onions bore little fruit.

Yet, the soldier’s spirit in Deswal didn’t waver. The setbacks only bolstered his determination. Seeking expert advice, he approached the Agricultural University in Pantnagar, Punjab, and collaborated with agricultural scientists. To Deswal’s surprise, despite his ancestral roots in farming, he had much to learn. The scientific approach unveiled techniques to maximize yield, offering insights into the inherent challenges faced by Indian farmers.

A concerning revelation was the exploitation of farmers by commission agents who determined produce prices arbitrarily, leaving farmers with minimal profits and deepening debts. Motivated to change this unjust system and to uplift his community, Colonel Deswal decided to take control of 50% of his village’s production.

His research led him to foreign carrots, particularly the Bilayati carrot, a high-quality vegetable predominantly cultivated in Europe. Recognizing the sandy soil of Bulandshahr as ideal for root vegetables, he initiated carrot cultivation. The results were astonishing. Not only did the carrots thrive, but the earnings also skyrocketed, doubling and even tripling in some cases.

Colonel Deswal

Today, through the combined efforts of Colonel Deswal and Lal Kishan Yadav, their company stands as one of the nation’s premier grated carrot producers. Their journey is not just about farming success; it’s a testament to vision, resilience, and the determination to make a difference. The soldier who once protected the nation’s borders now nurtures its soil, demonstrating that with the right approach and determination, any field, be it battle or farming, can witness victory.