Honda, a renowned name in the two-wheeler industry, is gearing up to roll out its latest marvel – the Honda Activa 7G. The Honda Activa has always held a crown in India’s scooter segment. It isn’t just the best-selling scooter in the country, but also a benchmark for many competing brands. While there are several contenders in the segment, none have consistently outpaced Activa in sales.

The Power Beneath:

The heart of the Activa 7G, its engine, is expected to undergo significant upgrades. Speculations suggest that the scooter will house a 110cc fan-cooled 4-stroke engine. This revamped engine is capable of delivering a power of 7.68 BHP and a torque of 8.79 Newton meters.

Stunning Features Aplenty:

Honda seems committed to upping the ante with the 7G version. According to reports, the brand aims to make this scooter more advanced than its predecessors. A notable change is the replacement of the analog meter with a digital one, featuring a digital speedometer, trip meter, and odometer. Furthermore, there are whispers about an increase in under-seat storage space, enhancing both its utility and appeal.

Honda Activa 7G
Honda Activa 7G

Market Entry and Pricing:

Rumors suggest that the Honda Activa 7G might grace the market by 2024. As for its pricing, though exact details remain under wraps, it’s anticipated to bear a higher tag than its predecessor. Estimations indicate a potential price hike of around 30,000 rupees compared to the earlier model.

with the Activa 7G, Honda seems ready to consolidate its position in the scooter segment further. Given the brand’s track record and the buzz around this upcoming model, it’s poised to be another hit in the ever-evolving auto sector.

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