Maruti eVX: Unveiling at Tokyo Motor Show 2023

Maruti eVX: The Tokyo Motor Show in Japan is currently underway, and many companies have showcased glimpses of their upcoming cars. Suzuki takes the spotlight with an array of electric concept models, including the eVX. This electric vehicle (EV) bears a striking resemblance to the popular Volkswagen ID.4, often referred to as a futuristic station wagon.

Although it may be more appropriate to call it a “futuristic wagon.” The company has shared details about the car’s dimensions and driving range. Alongside the eVX, Suzuki has also presented concept models of the fourth-generation Swift and Spacia at the auto show.

According to Suzuki, the new Maruti eVX electric car will offer a range of 230 kilometers, using a single electric motor. However, it is possible that the range may be increased according to market demands once it is officially launched.

The Suzuki eVX measures a length of 3395 millimeters, width of 1475 millimeters, and a height of 1620 millimeters. These dimensions offer a compact yet spacious car that Suzuki describes as a mini-wagon concept model.

The car features a slim body design, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The interior cabin space is user-friendly, ensuring comfortable journeys for passengers. The length of the car showcased at the auto show is even shorter than the SPresso model.

This indicates that the current version is primarily targeted towards Suzuki’s Japanese customers. However, the size could potentially be increased for the Indian market. The concept car displayed at the show showcases a new front bumper, alloy wheels, and window frames. Additionally, it boasts a C-shaped LED DRL at the front and an eye-catching Suzuki logo.

This suggests that Suzuki is committed to making significant advancements in the design of their upcoming car models.

Maruti eVX
Maruti eVX


– Maruti Suzuki has unveiled its electric concept model, the eVX, at the Tokyo Motor Show.
– The eVX has a similar look to the Volkswagen e-Golf.
– The car is expected to have a driving range of 230 kilometers and will be powered by a single electric motor.
– The dimensions of the eVX are 3395mm in length, 1475mm in width, and 1620mm in height.
– Suzuki describes the car as a mini wagon concept model.
– The car has a sleek body design and user-friendly cabin space.
– The eVX has a new front bumper, alloy wheels, and window frames.
– Maruti Suzuki is focusing on improving the design of its future cars.

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