Dhanteras is just around the corner, and in India, it’s a day of significant gold and silver biscuit or coin purchases. However, due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, gold and silver prices have been witnessing constant fluctuations. But today, on Friday morning, there’s good news that has brought relief to buyers.

Reduction in Gold and Silver Prices Today, on the MCX exchange, there are indications of a decline in the prices of gold and silver. Friday morning saw gold’s delivery price at INR 60,915 per 10 grams and silver’s delivery price at INR 71,745 per kilogram.

Global Markets Show Precious Metals’ Uptrend While domestic markets are experiencing a decline, global markets are showing an uptrend in the prices of gold and silver. Gold is currently trading at $1998.70 per ounce, and silver is at $23.03 per ounce on the COMEX.

Gold and Silver Buyer
Gold and Silver Buyer


What is the domestic price of gold on Friday morning? Gold is priced at INR 60,915 per 10 grams.

How much has the domestic price of silver declined? The domestic price of silver has decreased to INR 71,745 per kilogram.

What is the global market price of gold? Gold is trading at $1998.70 per ounce.

In summary, as Dhanteras approaches, there is optimism in the market as domestic prices for gold and silver have witnessed a decline, providing a favorable opportunity for buyers. Meanwhile, global markets continue to see an upward trend in the prices of these precious metals.

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