In the heart of Uttar Pradesh, there’s a unique story that intertwines the life of an educator with the land’s vast agricultural expanse. Meet Amarendra Pratap Singh, a primary school teacher whose passion for farming transformed his fortunes.

A Dual Life:

For a decade, Amarendra dutifully taught young minds in Uttar Pradesh. However, there was always a spark within him, a calling towards farming. Not one to be confined by his profession, he decided to take up farming part-time.

A Modern Approach:

With the world at his fingertips, Amarendra dived deep into the nuances of farming through online sources. Eschewing traditional practices, he chose the path of cultivating fruits and vegetables. Now, while he educates children by day, by evening he revels in his green haven, reaping lakhs as income.

The Grassroots of Success:

Amarendra isn’t just any teacher. He’s stationed at a government primary school in Daulatpur, Barabanki. Though his annual teaching salary is a modest Rs 1.20 lakh, his fields are far more generous, granting him a staggering Rs 30 lakh annually.

From Lucknow to Daulatpur:

Situated just an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Lucknow, Barabanki is where Amarendra’s dual journey unfolds. Despite his roots in the city, a 2014 school holiday saw him drawn to his family’s ancestral 30-acre land, igniting his farming aspirations.

A Self-Taught Farmer:

The digital age has been a boon for many, and Amarendra is no exception. Harnessing the power of the internet, he transformed himself into a skilled farmer through YouTube tutorials. Initially setting his sights on banana cultivation, he dedicated an acre to this venture.

Beyond Conventional Crops:

While the region’s farmers predominantly sow sugarcane, grains, and wheat, Amarendra observed the limited profitability in these staples. Diversification became his mantra.

The Lure of Bananas:

The lengthy two-year wait for returns from sugarcane did not appeal to Amarendra. Needing a more immediate and substantial income source to sustain his family, bananas became his chosen crop.

Diversification and Success:

After tasting success with bananas, Amarendra diversified. He ventured into turmeric, ginger, and cauliflower cultivation. While ginger was a moderate success, turmeric blossomed, amplifying his income manifold.

Amarendra Pratap Singh

Today, Amarendra’s story isn’t just about financial prosperity. It’s a testament to the spirit of determination and adaptability. From the classrooms of Barabanki to its fertile fields, he continues to inspire and educate in more ways than one.