Special Train
Special Train

In a bid to ease the transportation rush during the festive season, the Indian Railways has announced the launch of 42 special trains. These trains are set to run between various cities of Delhi and Bihar, primarily addressing the increased demand due to the Diwali and Chhath festivals.

Why the Need for Special Trains?

The festive seasons of Diwali and Chhath bring together families from different parts of the country. Recognizing the surge in travelers during these festivals, particularly from Delhi to Bihar, the railways decided to introduce these trains. These additional services aim to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for passengers who are often left without options due to the unavailability of seats.

Key Train Routes and Details

  1. Train No. 03255/56: This service will operate between Patna Junction and Anand Vihar Terminal and vice versa.
  2. Train No. 02391/92: Commuting between Patna Junction and Anand Vihar Terminal in both directions.
  3. Train No. 03635/36: Linking Gaya and Anand Vihar Terminal, this train will operate to and fro.
  4. Train No. 05557/58: Designed to connect Jaynagar and Anand Vihar Terminal, this service will facilitate travel in both directions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Will these special trains only operate between Delhi and Bihar? Yes, these special trains are specifically introduced to cater to the Delhi-Bihar route during the festive season.
  • Where can passengers book tickets for these trains? Tickets can be booked either through authorized railway ticket booking centers or the online railway booking portal.
  • Do these trains offer any additional amenities? As per the current information, these trains will provide standard amenities to passengers.
Special Trains
Special Trains

It’s recommended for travelers to book their tickets in advance and keep themselves updated with the latest schedule and announcements to ensure a hassle-free journey during the festive season.

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