12Th Fail Review: In an era where Bollywood often looks to South Indian cinema, with movies like “Pushpa” and “KGF,” for inspiration and to redefine the hero archetype, “12th Fail” emerges as a breath of fresh air. This biographical film tells the inspiring tale of IPS officer Anurag Pathak, based on his bestseller book of the same name, and it distinguishes itself from the contemporary cinematic landscape.

South Indian Influence on Bollywood:

It’s no secret that South Indian cinema has been a source of inspiration for Bollywood in recent times, with its larger-than-life heroes and gripping narratives. However, “12th Fail” bucks this trend by offering a compelling and distinct storyline.

An Inspirational Biopic:

“12th Fail” is a biographical film that delves into the life of IPS officer Anurag Pathak. The narrative is inspired by his own bestselling book, lending it an authentic touch and ensuring that the story remains grounded in reality.

A Journey from Chambal to Delhi:

The heart of the film lies in its portrayal of the protagonist, a young man hailing from the Chambal region, notorious for its rugged terrain and rebels. Despite facing academic setbacks and societal pressures, he embarks on a journey to Delhi, clears the UPSC exam, and ultimately becomes a police officer.

A Unique Chambal Saga:

What sets “12th Fail” apart is its departure from the traditional Chambal narrative, where the hero often resorts to violence as a means of addressing injustices. In this story, our protagonist refrains from picking up the gun even when his honest father loses his job and a local leader snatches away his and his brother’s livelihood.

Exploring UPSC and Beyond:

As the narrative transitions from the rugged landscape of Chambal to the world of UPSC exams, the director introduces substantial themes and challenges. The film delves into the complexities of the competitive examination system and the larger issues it raises.

12Th Fail Review
12Th Fail Review

“12th Fail” offers audiences a refreshing cinematic experience by steering away from the beaten path of Bollywood’s hero-centric narratives. It tells the remarkable story of Anurag Pathak, who defied the odds, and it tackles substantial issues beyond the Chambal setting. This biographical film stands as a testament to resilience, integrity, and the triumph of the human spirit. It’s a must-watch for those seeking inspiring tales that break the mold of conventional cinema.

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