Hero MotoCorp’s Forthcoming Quartet: A Dive into the Future of Indian Motorcycling

Hero Xpulse 400: As the Indian motorcycle market continues to evolve, Hero MotoCorp, one of the country’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, is not one to be left behind. The company has announced its intentions to roll out four new, dynamic offerings aimed at further solidifying its position in diverse market segments.

First up is the highly anticipated Xpulse 400. This motorcycle is Hero’s direct answer to the Royal Enfield Himalayan 452. The Xpulse 400 is anticipated to house a 420cc liquid-cooled engine, ensuring smooth and powerful performance. Riders can expect state-of-the-art features such as USD forks, a contemporary digital instrument cluster, the safety of switchable rear ABS, and a sturdy 21-inch front wheel to tackle rugged terrains with ease.

Not to be overshadowed, the Xtreme 440R is expected to make a significant splash in the premium motorcycle segment. This powerhouse will be energized by a 440cc single-cylinder, oil-cooled engine. Interestingly, this engine is the fruit of the collaboration between Hero and the iconic brand, Harley Davidson. With the expected launch by 2024, motorcycle enthusiasts are keenly awaiting this amalgamation of style and power.

Hero MotoCorp is also reviving the spirit of the legendary Karizma by working on the Xpulse 210, which offers a middle-ground between their lower and higher engine capacity models.

Last but not least, the company aims to capture the daily commuter’s heart with a new 125cc motorcycle. A segment which has massive appeal in India due to its balance of performance and fuel efficiency.

While the 125cc commuter motorcycle and the mighty Xpulse 400 are expected to grace the roads in 2024 and 2025 respectively, one thing is clear: Hero MotoCorp is gearing up to offer Indian riders a blend of innovation, performance, and choice like never before.

Hero Xpulse 400
Hero Xpulse 400


Hero MotoCorp is preparing to launch several new motorcycles in the Indian market, including the Xpulse 400, Xpulse 210, a new 125cc commuter, and the Xtreme 440R. The company aims to strengthen its portfolio by entering the 125cc segment and expanding its premium motorcycle range with the launch of the Xtreme 440R by 2024. The Xtreme 440R will be powered by a 440cc single-cylinder oil-cooled engine borrowed from Hero-Harley Davidson partnership. The company is also developing the Xpulse 400, which is expected to rival the Royal Enfield Himalayan 452, and is likely to be powered by a 420cc liquid-cooled engine. The Xpulse 400 is expected to feature USD forks, a digital instrument cluster, switchable rear ABS, and a 21-inch front wheel. Additionally, Hero is working on the 210cc Xpulse based on the Karizma, which may be launched in the near future. The new 125cc commuter motorcycle and the Xpulse 400 are expected to be launched in 2024 and 2025 respectively.

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