The Allure of the Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield Bullet second hand: The world of cruiser motorcycles boasts an array of exquisite designs and powerful machines, but one standout in this realm is the Royal Enfield Bullet. This iconic motorcycle has long been revered for its captivating retro design combined with high-performance capabilities, provided by its robust engine. Purchasing it brand new may set you back by around 2 lakh rupees, but potential buyers can also explore pre-owned options for a more economical deal.

A notable platform facilitating the sale of used vehicles, Droom, has recently listed several models of the Royal Enfield Bullet. For instance, a 2009 model located in Noida, which has been driven 48,000 kilometers, is available for a reasonable 69,540 rupees. More recent models, like the 2015 version with 42,000 kilometers on its odometer, is priced at 75,519 rupees. Another 2015 model, with lesser mileage of 24,000 kilometers, comes with a slightly higher price tag of 80,000 rupees.

For those considering older models, a 2014 Bullet, also situated in Noida and having covered a distance of 70,000 kilometers, is being offered for 98,548 rupees. Another from the same year, with 44,500 kilometers under its belt, can be yours for 99,735 rupees.

These listings provide motorcycle enthusiasts with ample choices, ensuring they find a Royal Enfield Bullet that fits their budget and meets their preferences.

Royal Enfield Bullet
Royal Enfield Bullet


– Royal Enfield Bullet is a cruiser bike in the market.
– It has a retro design and a powerful engine.
– The bike is available for around 2 lakh rupees in the market, but it can be purchased at a lower price on the Droom website.
– There are several models of the Royal Enfield Bullet available on the Droom website, with different prices based on their year of manufacture and mileage.

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