Ashutosh Kulkarni’s name has become synonymous with perseverance. After three attempts, each drawing him tantalizingly close to success, Ashutosh managed to break through in his fourth attempt. His story is an embodiment of the idea that sometimes, it’s just a matter of tweaking our approach slightly to turn our failures into success.

The Journey of Persistence:

IAS Ashutosh Kulkarni’s journey was far from easy. He tasted the bitterness of near-success three times before the sweetness of his triumph. However, where most would have given up, Ashutosh saw these setbacks not as defeats but as opportunities to learn and grow.

An Inspirational Tale:

Today, Ashutosh’s perseverance serves as a beacon of hope for UPSC aspirants everywhere, teaching them the value of never giving up.

Roots and Aspirations:

Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, Ashutosh ventured into the realm of UPSC after completing his mechanical engineering degree. The civil services dream was one he felt deeply about, and he approached it with unmatched dedication.

The Initial Hurdles:

Ashutosh’s UPSC journey began on a promising note. He reached the interview stage right in his first attempt. However, the final list eluded him. Similar stories unfolded in his second and third attempts. But every setback only strengthened his resolve.

The Turnaround:

In his fourth attempt, the fruits of his labor finally manifested. His improved strategy and heightened dedication landed him a commendable rank.

The Power of the Optional:

Ashutosh firmly believes in the immense potential of the optional subject in determining one’s UPSC rank. According to him, this is the key area where aspirants can gain a significant edge.

Deep Dive into Optional:

He advises that for at least 7-8 months preceding the preliminary exams, aspirants should delve deep into their optional subjects. This deep dive ensures not just a superficial understanding, but an intrinsic command over the subject.

Better Ranks through Optional:

Ashutosh’s belief is backed by his own experience. He posits that a profound understanding of one’s optional subject can significantly boost one’s marks, culminating in a better rank.

IAS Ashutosh Kulkarni
IAS Ashutosh Kulkarni

Ashutosh Kulkarni’s story reminds every UPSC aspirant that success is as much about strategy as it is about hard work. By focusing on the often overlooked optional subject, he has not only secured his own success but has also paved the way for countless others to follow in his footsteps.