Following the success of the Hero Splendor, the company is all set to unveil another hot-selling motorcycle, the Hero HF Deluxe, with fresh and comprehensive updates. Insiders from the company are hinting that the revamped Hero HF Deluxe will be a notch higher in performance compared to the Splendor, all the while maintaining a competitive price point. If you’re contemplating purchasing a new motorbike, you might want to hold off for a short while.

The market is buzzing with anticipation for a motorcycle promising outstanding mileage. The Hero HF Deluxe comes equipped with a 97cc air-cooled engine, which, while ensuring optimum power, is also reputed for its fuel efficiency. It’s this exceptional mileage that places the Hero HF Deluxe amongst the top contenders for best mileage motorbikes in the country. This is a significant reason why it resonates so well with the general populace.

What to Expect from Hero HF Deluxe

Traditionally, the Hero HF Deluxe hasn’t been known for its bells and whistles in terms of features. However, expectations are rife that the new version will incorporate features akin to the Splendor, elevating the overall riding experience.

Hero HF Deluxe
Hero HF Deluxe

The mileage that the Hero HF Deluxe offers is nothing short of impressive. The 97cc engine manages to deliver a staggering mileage of up to 65 kilometers per liter, which outshines even the Splendor’s efficiency by a small margin.

Should the new Hero HF Deluxe come with standard features, buyers can potentially look forward to mobile connectivity, USB charging, side stand indicators, a digital instrument cluster, and other exciting features. With an introductory showroom price of around 75,000, the Hero HF Deluxe is shaping up to be an exceptional value-for-money proposition.

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