Aravinthan RV’s journey is an extraordinary one – from the heart of Germany’s technological hub back to his roots in Tamil Nadu. It’s a tale of culture, education, and a deep sense of responsibility.

Journey to Germany:

Born and raised in Karur city, Tamil Nadu, Aravinthan pursued engineering and later headed to Germany for further studies. At the renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, he specialized in optics, followed by a lucrative job offer.

The Call of Ancestral Roots:

While Aravinthan was carving out a niche in Germany, his father in India juggled multiple roles – a lawyer by profession, he was also dedicated to farming and running a school. His dream was for Aravinthan to return and contribute to their ancestral pursuits.

A Son’s Respect:

In 2010, heeding his father’s wishes, Aravinthan gave up his promising career in Germany to come back to Karur. Alongside, he also took up a position at a college.

Stepping into Education:

By 2015, with his father acquiring another school in Coimbatore, Aravinthan assumed the mantle of running it. This wasn’t just any school; it was a residential one, housing 150 students.

An Eye-Opening Moment:

A seemingly innocuous interaction in 2018 set the course for a significant change. When Aravinthan asked an 8th grader the origin of tomatoes, the student mistakenly identified a Neem tree as its source. This revealed a disconnect between children and the very basics of food production.

Sowing the Seeds of Change:

Recognizing this gap, Aravinthan felt compelled to integrate farming into the school’s curriculum. It wasn’t merely theoretical; he wanted students to get their hands dirty, to understand and appreciate the process of cultivation.

Bridging the Farm-to-Table Gap:

Aravinthan’s initial steps involved setting up a terrace garden in 2016. However, to cater to the needs of all students, he expanded, utilizing a 30-foot space adjacent to the playground and the school’s compound wall. The school premises soon witnessed the growth of 66 betel nut trees as well.

Cultivating Green Thumbs:

Taking his commitment a step further, Aravinthan introduced an innovative birthday tradition. Every student, on their birthday, receives a plant in a grow bag, nurturing their connection to nature and encouraging responsibility. Over the years, students of St. John’s Matriculation Secondary School have been hands-on with organic farming, understanding the journey of their meals.

Biodiversity in the Schoolyard:

Today, the school, with its 400 students and 50 staff members, stands as a testament to Aravinthan’s vision. He has successfully conserved a plethora of vegetable varieties, from 70 types of brinjal to 20 kinds of beans.

Aravinthan Arvi
Aravinthan Arvi

Aravinthan RV’s story emphasizes the importance of understanding our roots and the world around us. By merging education with practical farming experiences, he’s ensuring a future generation that respects and understands the land that sustains them.