Honda’s iconic CB350 motorcycle has unveiled its much-anticipated ‘Legacy Edition’. This revamped version boasts not just a fresh color scheme but also updated graphics, adding a touch of modern aesthetics to its classic allure.

Diving into the New Shade:
The Legacy Edition of the Honda CB350 showcases a vibrant hue named ‘Pearl Siren Blue’. This particular color is inspired by the designs from the 1970s, evoking a sense of nostalgia. In addition, branding on the fuel tank’s top further elevates the motorcycle’s design quotient. Complementing the blue bodywork is the seat, upholstered in a rich brown color. While the exterior sees these tweaks, the engine’s specifications remain unchanged, retaining its original power and torque. The only major shift, aside from the color, lies in the redesigned graphics.

Pricing Post Enhancements:
With these upgrades, the Legacy Edition comes at a premium. Specifically, this new color variant is priced ₹1500 higher than its top model. The showroom price of this edition stands at ₹2,16,356. However, considering on-road costs, it escalates to ₹2,45,906 in Delhi. It’s worth noting that the actual price may vary across states due to differences in regional RTO taxes. With the new color addition, this remains the most expensive variant of the Legacy Edition, costing an additional ₹1500 over its top model.

New Honda CB350
New Honda CB350

while the Honda CB350 Legacy Edition maintains its core performance features, it entices motor enthusiasts with its refreshed look and slightly elevated price tag. It’s a blend of the past and present, appealing to both nostalgic riders and those looking for contemporary flair.

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