In an era where unemployment issues are on the rise, Ashutosh Dixit’s story emerges as an inspiration, demonstrating how resilience and innovation can transform adversity into success.

Humble Beginnings:

Ashutosh Dixit hails from Behri Asai village in the Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh. His academic journey culminated in a B.Tech in civil engineering from the renowned PSIT Kanpur in 2017.

The Job Hunt:

After graduation, Ashutosh scoured the job market for almost a year. Yet, despite his qualifications, he was left without a job offer.

India’s Unemployment Issue:

As India progresses, the specter of unemployment grows larger. Numerous qualified individuals find themselves jobless, but a few, like Ashutosh, pivot, turning their qualifications into entrepreneurial ventures.

A New Beginning:

Instead of relenting to despair, Ashutosh went back to his roots. He ventured into the animal husbandry business, marking a departure from his engineering background.

The Inception of the Business:

Ashutosh’s journey in animal husbandry began with an investment in four Sahiwal cows from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Today, he has expanded his business, accommodating 70 cows in a specially constructed cowshed.

Expansion and Profitability:

Not only does Ashutosh have a capacity for 70 cows, but he also produces and packages hundreds of kiloliters of milk. This milk, bottled in glass containers, finds its way to various cities, ensuring a steady profit for his enterprise.

The Natural Advantage:

Situated near the forests of Behari Asai village, Ashutosh’s setup enjoys a natural advantage. The abundant fodder from the forests ensures that the animals are well-nourished.


Ashutosh has cleverly leveraged the resources at his disposal. With the locally lower prices of desi cow ghee, he sells it in distant cities at triple the price. Furthermore, Ashutosh recycles cow dung and wood to create organic manure, which he then supplies to farmers.

Reflections and Learning:

In an introspective moment, Ashutosh shares that during his engineering days, he had never envisaged himself in this line of work. His aspirations were oriented towards a conventional job. However, life had other plans, and instead of surrendering, Ashutosh embraced change and persevered.

The Outcome:

Today, Ashutosh, equipped with an engineering degree but without a corresponding job, stands tall as a successful entrepreneur. His dedication has led to monthly profits of 1-2 lakh rupees, culminating in annual earnings of 12-13 lakhs.

Ashutosh Dixit

Ashutosh Dixit’s story is a beacon for those who face setbacks. It illustrates that with determination and ingenuity, one can carve out a path of success, even in the most challenging circumstances.