Honda Activa: In recent times, the preference for scooters over bikes and cars has surged remarkably. One primary reason is the affordability that scooters bring to the table. With a modest budget, individuals can now own a splendid vehicle, akin to seizing a golden opportunity. The Honda Activa, for instance, stands out in the market due to its reasonable price tag.

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However, those considering purchasing a second-hand scooter should act swiftly, as delays might result in missed opportunities, subsequently leading to potential regrets. When contemplating features and mileage, the Honda Activa doesn’t disappoint. With an impressive mileage of 55 to 60 kilometers per liter, it is bound to catch the fancy of many.

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The showroom price for the famed Honda Activa scooter is set at an accessible range of 70,000 to 75,000 rupees, appealing to a broad audience. And if, perchance, one misses out on the offer to purchase a brand-new Activa, worry not! The burgeoning market for second-hand models ensures that there are ample opportunities to snag a great deal.

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Furthermore, the Honda Activa is listed for sale on the Quikr website at a striking price of just 16,000 rupees. However, potential buyers should note that financing options might be unavailable, and an upfront payment may be required. While the selling website hasn’t disclosed the official pricing, sources like have reported this information based on media insights.

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Honda Activa
Honda Activa


The article highlights the increasing preference for scooters over bikes and cars in modern times. Scooters are seen as more affordable and offer great mileage and features. The Honda Activa scooter is mentioned as a popular choice, which can be purchased at a low price. The article also mentions the option of buying second-hand scooters. The Honda Activa scooter is listed on the Quikr website at a discounted price. The article emphasizes the good mileage and affordability of the scooter. It advises readers to act quickly as the offer may not be available for long. However, the official price of the scooter is not disclosed.

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