A new expressway is in the works, intended to bridge the cities of Noida and Kanpur. This monumental infrastructural project will also include a 60-kilometer connector road linking it to Hapur. Originally, the plan was to create an expressway between Hapur and Kanpur. However, in light of the development of the Jewar International Airport, adjustments were made to the proposed route.

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This alteration, which was meticulously planned by engineers of the National Highway Authority, awaits final approval from the ministry. Once sanctioned, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways will oversee its construction.

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Charting the Expressway’s Course

Reports suggest that the Noida-Kanpur Expressway will overlap with the existing GT Road, starting from Kanpur and extending to Kannauj. The expressway will pass through Aligarh before reaching Noida. Along its trajectory, it will intersect with the Eastern Peripheral Expressway at Greater Noida’s Sirsa. Furthermore, a loop will be constructed around the Jewar International Airport to accommodate vehicular traffic. The pathway will continue towards Sirsa, from where travelers can navigate towards Ghaziabad and Faridabad using the Eastern Peripheral route.

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Envisioning a Six-Lane Expressway

The ongoing construction of the Jewar International Airport in Noida brought forth suggestions of crafting a six-lane expressway. The rationale behind this is the anticipated surge in traffic once the airport becomes operational. The existing GT Road traffic will also be redirected onto this new route.n

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Noida-Kanpur Expressway
Noida-Kanpur Expressway

In order to prevent congestion, the decision to make it a six-lane expressway was made. The National Highway Authority of India proposed that directly linking Hapur to the Noida-Kanpur Expressway via the Jewar route would be beneficial for many commuters.

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