As Diwali approaches, many are contemplating investing in a new scooter. Why not make a sustainable choice and opt for an electric one? Not only do electric scooters provide commendable driving range these days, but they’re also an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. Riding them reduces the carbon footprint, offering a clean and green alternative to petrol scooters. Let’s explore some of the best electric scooters with impressive drive ranges available in the market.

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Simple One Electric Scooter: Topping our list is the Simple One, known for its striking design and powerful battery. It boasts an impressive range of 212 kilometers on a single charge.

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Enigma Ambier N8 Electric Scooter: Close on its heels is the Enigma Ambier N8, which is equally captivating in design and comes equipped with a robust battery. A full charge gives you a ride range of about 200 kilometers.

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Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter: Another frontrunner is the Ola S1 Pro, which blends a trendy look with efficient battery power, offering a driving range of 170 kilometers.

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Hero Electric NYX HX: The Hero Electric NYX HX is not only visually appealing but also comes with a robust battery, allowing riders to travel up to 165 kilometers on a single charge.

Hero Electric NYX HX
Hero Electric NYX HX

Okinawa Okhi 90 Electric Scooter: Rounding off our list is the Okinawa Okhi 90. Its alluring design combined with its powerful battery ensures a driving range of about 160 kilometers.

This Diwali, make a choice that benefits both you and the environment. Consider one of these electric scooters for a cleaner, greener ride.


– The article discusses the benefits of electric scooters and suggests that they are a better choice than petrol scooters.
– It mentions that there are several electric scooter options available in the market.
– The article highlights the long drive range offered by these scooters and their positive impact on the environment.
– It provides a list of recommended electric scooters, including the Simple One, Enigma Ambier N8, Ola S1 Pro, Hero Electric NYX HX, and Okinawa Okhi 90.

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