A heartwarming tale of academic triumph emerges from Chagaon, Kinnaur district. Priyanka Negi, a bright young woman from the region, has recently been appointed as an Assistant Professor of Commerce, bringing immense joy and pride to her family and the entire district.

The journey leading up to this pivotal moment in Priyanka’s life speaks volumes about her dedication and perseverance. She sat for the Assistant Professor examination in Commerce in May 2023. After months of waiting, an interview was conducted in October of the same year. Finally, the fruit of her relentless hard work came to light when the results were announced on a joyous Friday.

Behind every successful individual lies a backdrop of foundational support. Priyanka’s father, Shakarmajor Negi, serves the Himachal Pradesh Police as a standard head constable, working diligently within the Intelligence Department for BSL Security at Pandoh Dam. His disciplined approach to life likely served as an inspiration for Priyanka. On the other hand, her mother, a dedicated housewife, has undoubtedly been a pillar of emotional strength and encouragement, guiding Priyanka through her life’s journey.

Priyanka’s early educational roots were sown at Sarvodaya Public School in Pandoh, where she began her academic voyage. Eager to expand her horizons, she pursued higher education at Delhi University, completing her graduation and subsequently earning her M.Com. degree. Currently, her thirst for knowledge continues unabated, as she’s enrolled for a Ph.D. at Himachal Pradesh University.

Priyanka Negi

Priyanka Negi’s story isn’t just about personal accomplishment. It’s a testament to the amalgamation of unwavering support from loved ones, a strong foundational education, and a fiery passion to excel in one’s chosen field. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many young minds, not just in Kinnaur but across the country, signifying that with dedication, the sky’s the limit.

Image Creadit – Amar Ujala