In the rigorous journey of preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, many aspirants find themselves lost, unsure of how to navigate the vast syllabus and the unpredictable nature of the questions. Shivani Goyal’s approach stands out as a beacon for such candidates, proving that the path to success can be carved by smart strategies, coupled with sheer determination.

Shivani Goyal’s Resilience:

The tale of IAS officer Shivani Goyal is a shining example of tenacity. Despite facing a setback in her first UPSC attempt, she was undeterred. Her resilience bore fruit when she cleared the esteemed examination in her subsequent attempt.

A Backward-Forward Approach:

One of Shivani’s cardinal beliefs revolves around the importance of studying the UPSC syllabus in conjunction with previous years’ question papers. According to her, this method offers aspirants a concrete idea about the type and pattern of questions. It isn’t just about reading and memorizing but understanding the examiner’s mindset and anticipating the kind of questions that can be posed.

Gaining Insight from Toppers:

Beyond her primary strategy, Shivani emphasizes the value of learning from those who’ve treaded the path before. Watching interviews of UPSC toppers can offer invaluable insights, tips, and tricks that can be molded as per an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Customizing one’s strategy is pivotal, she believes.

The Art of Answer Writing:

Preparation is multifaceted, and Shivani is an advocate for the practice of answer writing. Crafting a coherent, precise answer within the limited time frame of the examination is an art. Daily practice helps in refining this skill, ensuring that the aspirant is well-equipped to tackle any question thrown at them.

Fact-based, Well-articulated Responses:

Shivani asserts that merely answering a question isn’t enough. To stand out and score well, one must pepper their answers with relevant facts, presenting them logically and coherently. A well-researched, well-structured answer can make all the difference between a good score and a great one.

IAS Shivani Goyal
IAS Shivani Goyal

Shivani Goyal’s journey underscores the importance of strategizing smartly for the UPSC examination. While hard work is non-negotiable, incorporating techniques like analyzing past papers, learning from toppers, and honing one’s writing skills can significantly bolster one’s chances of success.

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