The road to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination is known to be rigorous, and for some, it comes at a high personal cost. IAS officer Pratibha Verma’s tale is a testament to resilience, overcoming setbacks both mentally and physically to ultimately secure a laudable rank.

Facing the Physical Toll:

Preparation for the UPSC examination is a marathon, not a sprint, and the strain of this can manifest both mentally and physically. Pratibha Verma’s dedication was unyielding, but the continuous pressure caused her to fall ill repeatedly. Nevertheless, her real triumph was recognizing the need to prioritize mental well-being alongside rigorous study. By her third attempt, she not only managed to safeguard her health but also achieved commendable success.

An Early Glimpse of Brilliance:

Hailing from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Pratibha’s academic prowess was evident early on. Post her intermediate studies, she showcased her mettle by cracking one of the most challenging entrance exams in India, securing a spot at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

From IIT to Civil Services:

After successfully completing her B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi, Pratibha landed a lucrative job offer. But money and comfort weren’t her ultimate pursuits. Driven by a greater calling, she set her sights on India’s esteemed civil services.

Bumps on the Road:

Despite her brilliance, the UPSC journey was fraught with hurdles for Pratibha. Two consecutive failures took a toll on her mental state, leading to stress-induced ailments. The magnitude of her dream weighed heavily on her, but giving up wasn’t in her lexicon.

Redefining Strategy and Emphasizing Well-being:

Realizing the importance of mental health in this journey, Pratibha took proactive steps. She combined a renewed study approach with self-care, ensuring she was in the best frame of mind. This holistic approach bore fruit in her third attempt when she secured an impressive All India Rank 3, fulfilling her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

IAS Pratibha Verma
IAS Pratibha Verma

Pratibha Verma’s story underscores the significance of mental health, especially in high-pressure situations. It serves as a reminder that success isn’t just about hard work, but also about taking care of oneself. Her journey from illness and stress to achieving her dream position inspires countless UPSC aspirants to pursue their dreams without compromising their well-being.

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