The automotive world is abuzz with the news of the upcoming Renault Duster. Set to be introduced in the market soon, this vehicle is expected to go head-to-head with the Maruti Ertiga. Having been showcased in the global market, the car exudes a dazzling aesthetic appeal. And it’s not just about the looks; under the hood, the new Duster promises a potent engine that promises both power and efficiency.

The heart of the new Renault Duster is its engine. It’s slated to come with an updated 1.0-liter 3-cylinder turbo engine. Alongside this, there might be a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine, integrated with mild hybrid technology and equipped with a 1.2 kWh battery pack. With an impressive power output of 138bhp, this engine is not just about raw power but also efficiency, promising an excellent mileage for its segment.

But the allure of the Duster doesn’t end there. The car is expected to be loaded with advanced features. From an automatic climate control system and a large touchscreen infotainment system to dedicated connectivity suite and a premium sound system, the car seems to leave no stone unturned in the realm of comfort and entertainment. Safety hasn’t been compromised either. Features such as six airbags, tire pressure monitoring system, parking sensors, and an Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) might be integrated into the new model, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to passenger safety.

Renault Duster
Renault Duster

While the exact price of the new Renault Duster remains a mystery, speculations suggest a ballpark figure around 12 lakhs. Market enthusiasts can expect its grand debut by 2024, though an official announcement from the company is still awaited. Given the features and specifications that are surfacing, it’s no wonder that the new Duster is already creating ripples in the automobile industry.

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