Today, the stock market experienced notable fluctuations. A significant contributor to this turbulence was the Adani Group’s shares. The group found itself under scrutiny with a case – referred to as the ‘Hindenburg’ matter – scheduled for a hearing in the Supreme Court. This anticipation cast a shadow over the Adani Group’s shares, which consequently witnessed a sharp decline.

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However, as the day progressed, the scheduled hearing was postponed. Despite this development, the shares failed to recover momentum, remaining under the influence of the initial downturn. A glance at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) reveals the gravity of the situation – all ten shares of the Adani Group experienced a drop.

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Diving deeper into the specifics:

  • Adani Green Energy’s share closed at a rate of ₹949.10, registering a marginal decline of about 0.03%.
  • Shares of Adani Ports and SEZ stood at ₹811.90 at close, suffering a fall of approximately 0.31%.
  • Adani Power, another significant entity of the conglomerate, saw its shares ending the day at ₹342.00, marking a substantial decline of 1.51%.
  • Adani Total Gas’s shares wrapped up at ₹601.50, with a recorded drop of around 1.26%.

Additionally, Adani Transmission’s and Adani Wilmar’s shares concluded at ₹787.50 and ₹344.50, registering declines of 0.79% and 1.19% respectively. Other shares from various sectors, including Ambuja Cement at ₹439.60 (with a 1.34% fall) and NDTV at ₹213.40 (with a minimal 0.05% drop), also followed this downward trend.

Shares of Adani Group;
Shares of Adani Group;

It’s worth noting that the figures provided here are strictly informational and pertain to the closing rates of Adani Group’s shares. They should not be construed as advice or suggestions for buying or selling shares in the Adani Group. Investors are always encouraged to conduct their research and consult with financial advisors before making investment decisions.

Note: The above information is provided for informational purposes regarding the rates of Adani Group’s shares. It does not serve as advice for buying or selling shares.

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