For many, failing the 12th-grade board exams would be a setback that could define their future, but not for Vikas Verma. This 24-year-old from Salemgarh village, Hisar district of Haryana, turned his life around with sheer perseverance, dedication, and a penchant for innovation in the realm of agriculture.

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A Humble Beginning

Vikas, today, is the proud owner of the agro company “Vedanta Mushroom” situated in Hisar. “I started this venture about six years ago with a modest amount of Rs 5,000,” recalls Vikas. Even though the initial days were riddled with challenges and financial constraints, Vikas’s undying spirit bore fruit. Today, his company boasts a daily profit ranging between Rs. 40,000 to 50,000.

Turning a Setback into an Opportunity

2016 was a pivotal year for Vikas. It was the year he took his 12th-grade exams and unfortunately, didn’t clear them. However, instead of viewing it as a setback, Vikas saw it as a sign. “That failure didn’t perturb me. I didn’t attempt the exam again, knowing there was a different path for me,” he shares.

Agriculture with a Twist

Coming from a farming background, Vikas always knew he wanted to be in the agricultural sector. His father cultivated traditional crops on their 5-acre land, but Vikas envisioned something more. “I wanted to diversify our farming practices,” he says. This urge to innovate led him and some of his friends to Sonipat, where they underwent training in mushroom farming.

The Verma family, consisting of five members, struggled to make ends meet through traditional farming. Vikas recognized this and was determined to upscale their earnings, which is why he took a calculated risk with mushroom cultivation.

Initial Hurdles

Using his initial investment of Rs 5,000, Vikas started his mushroom farming venture. “The beginning was tough,” he admits. The early days were not just about sowing and reaping but also about creating the right compost for the mushrooms.

Furthermore, he faced a significant loss in his first cultivation attempt due to an oversight. “Mushrooms require a specific temperature range of 20 to 22 degrees centigrade for growth,” he explains. Vikas had started his cultivation in the summer, which was not ideal for mushroom growth, making the winter season the optimal time.

Perseverance Pays Off

Refusing to be deterred by the initial setbacks, Vikas gave farming another shot, ensuring he didn’t repeat his previous mistakes. His efforts soon paid off. “I made up for my previous year’s losses and even garnered a substantial profit,” he beams.

Vikas Verma

Vikas Verma’s journey from failing his 12th grade to running a successful agro-business is an inspiring tale of determination, innovation, and resilience. It underscores the fact that academic qualifications are just one way to gauge potential, and success can be achieved in myriad ways, especially when one is driven by passion and purpose.

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