OMG 2: The film industry of 2023 witnessed a riveting cinematic sensation with the release of ‘OMG 2’. With stalwarts like Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi headlining the cast, the movie became an instant hit among audiences. But not without its share of controversies. The Central Board of Certification (CBFC) endowed it with an ‘A’ certification, leading to the removal of various scenes. The result? Many families found themselves deprived of the experience, a matter that deeply concerns one of its lead actors.

In a recent conversation with India Today, Pankaj Tripathi opened up about his thoughts on the ‘Adults Only’ stamp that the movie received from the CBFC. Tripathi, known for his nuanced performances and deep connection with his audience, expressed a heartfelt sentiment. “Many families couldn’t experience the magic of ‘OMG 2’ because of the rating,” said the actor, hinting at the directional genius of Amir Rai that was perhaps too bold or controversial for the certifying board’s liking.

Elaborating further on the implications of such a certification, Tripathi painted a vivid picture. “Imagine a family – a husband, a wife, and their little child. How are they supposed to watch the film together? The essence of cinema, after all, is to bring people closer, to share stories, emotions, and experiences,” he opined.

Moreover, Tripathi expressed his belief that the film’s performance could have been even more stellar without the ‘A’ tag. “Though ‘OMG 2’ is already a superhit, I feel that if it wasn’t for the A certification, its reach and impact would have been much broader,” he mused.


The certification boards have a vital role in guiding audiences, but this instance raises pertinent questions. Should cinema be curtailed in its expression? Or should there be a more liberal outlook towards certifying art forms? With industry stalwarts like Tripathi voicing their concerns, it’s evident that the tug-of-war between creativity and certification continues.

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