In the competitive realm of the UPSC Civil Services Examination, Vasu Jain stands out as an exemplary figure. Bagging the All India Rank 67 in the UPSC CSE 2020, he not only emerged as an IAS topper but did so without the assistance of traditional coaching.

The journey of Vasu is remarkable primarily because of the emphasis he placed on self-study. Like countless aspirants across the country, Vasu could have opted for coaching, a path many consider indispensable. However, he trusted his capabilities and chose the path less taken.

Vasu’s mantra for success begins with the foundational step: diving deep into the NCERT books. He believes that a thorough understanding of these basic texts is quintessential. “Once you are well-versed with NCERTs, only then should you move on to the standard books,” he often emphasizes. While assimilating knowledge, Vasu made it a habit to jot down notes, making the daunting task of revision more manageable and efficient.

Strategizing is an inherent part of UPSC preparations. Vasu’s approach highlights the flexibility that candidates can adopt. He opines that while distinct strategies could be carved out for the prelims and mains, there’s ample scope to prepare for both concurrently. It all boils down to the candidate’s comfort and understanding of the syllabus.

One of the most debated aspects of UPSC preparations is the relevance of coaching. Vasu brings a balanced perspective to this discourse. He acknowledges that coaching can offer valuable guidance and a competitive environment, which can often be motivating. However, he also underscores that it’s not an absolute necessity. “If you have access to the right resources and guidance, even outside the confines of a coaching center, you can surge ahead,” Vasu states.

IAS Vasu Jain
IAS Vasu Jain

But amidst all strategies, resources, and guidance, Vasu accentuates the irreplaceable role of self-study. According to him, it remains the bedrock of any successful UPSC journey. His achievements stand testimony to the idea that with dedication, strategy, and consistent self-study, one can conquer the toughest of exams.

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