India vs. Pakistan Match: As the India-Pakistan match creates a buzz across the cricketing world, there’s a growing curiosity about the number of Pakistani nationals who’ve been granted visas to witness this iconic encounter live at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Selective Visa Grant:

Amidst the enthusiasm and fervor, not everyone from Pakistan will have the privilege to watch the game in person. As of now, only journalists and a select few have been given the green light to travel from Pakistan for the match.

Enthusiasm Beyond Borders:

India vs. Pakistan Match: The cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan is nothing less than legendary. It’s not just Indians but also Pakistanis who eagerly await these encounters. The desire to be a part of such a historic match is immense. However, the visa restrictions mean that not all wishes will be fulfilled this time.

Numbers and Negotiations:

As per the Pakistan-based news website, Tribune, there were negotiations between the Pakistan High Commission, Pakistan Cricket Board, and Indian authorities. Their aim was to secure visas for roughly 200 journalists and numerous fans. Despite these discussions, only a fraction of this number – 45 journalists to be precise – have been accredited and given permission to cover the match from the venue.

The Massive Turnout Expected:

India vs. Pakistan Match: While a limited number of Pakistanis have been granted visas, there’s no shortage of enthusiasm on the Indian side. Narendra Modi Stadium, boasting a seating capacity of 132,000, is expected to be teeming with fans. The sheer number of seats available provides an insight into the monumental scale of the audience that will be present.

IND vs PAK Fans
IND vs PAK Fans

The Grandeur of the Occasion:

India vs. Pakistan Match: The India-Pakistan matches have always been more than just a game of cricket. They are events marked by patriotism, passion, and unparalleled excitement. While the restrictions mean fewer cross-border fans this time, the spirit and intensity of the match remain undiminished. Those in the stadium and millions watching worldwide are gearing up for what promises to be another unforgettable chapter in this storied rivalry.

Image Credit – aljazeera