For many, the dream of becoming an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer remains just that—a dream. But for Isha Duhan, this vision took root early on, and through dedication and unwavering determination, she made it a reality.

The Formative Years:

By the time she reached the eighth grade, Isha Duhan was already certain about her career path. This young aspirant from the Uttar Pradesh cadre, now an IAS officer from the 2014 batch, had her heart and mind set on serving the nation through the administrative services.

Balancing College with UPSC Dreams:

After high school, Isha pursued a degree in Biotechnology. However, even during her undergraduate years, she had an eye on the future. By her final year, she was already laying the groundwork for the formidable UPSC examination.

Early Mornings and Long Days:

Juggling college studies with UPSC preparation is no small feat. But Isha was resolute. Her days began at 5:30 AM, attending UPSC coaching classes, after which she’d head straight to her college. This rigorous schedule showcased her unparalleled commitment.

A Strategic Pause:

A pivotal moment came when Isha realized the importance of concentrating solely on her college education. Deciding to take things step by step, she first focused on completing her graduation. Upon achieving this, she moved to Delhi, the hub for UPSC preparation, to immerse herself in the intense preparation regime that the examination demands.

A Headstart on Optional Subjects:

While still in college, Isha had wisely covered her optional subjects for the UPSC exam. This proactive approach gave her a significant advantage, allowing her to dedicate more time to other subjects later on.

The Delhi Phase and Nationwide Recognition:

In Delhi, Isha undertook a structured and rigorous training regime. Through her consistent efforts, meticulous planning, and relentless pursuit of excellence, she not only cleared the UPSC exam but also secured an impressive 15th rank nationally.

IAS Isha Duhan
IAS Isha Duhan

In conclusion, Isha Duhan’s journey from an ambitious eighth-grader to a successful IAS officer is a testament to what can be achieved with clarity of vision, unwavering dedication, and strategic planning. Her story serves as an inspiration for countless aspirants across the nation.

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