Mission Raniganj Box Office Collection Day 8: Akshay Kumar’s much-anticipated film, “Mission Raniganj,” hit the silver screens on October 6th. While it didn’t have a thunderous start, the film’s fortunes seem to be changing, and it’s gradually making its mark at the box office.

A Modest Beginning

Upon its initial release, “Mission Raniganj” didn’t set the box office on fire as some had anticipated. However, it managed to create a buzz due to its affordability. With lower ticket prices attracting audiences, the film started to pick up momentum.

The Power of Affordable Tickets

One of the key factors contributing to “Mission Raniganj’s” improved performance has been its wallet-friendly ticket rates. This affordability has encouraged many moviegoers to flock to theaters, boosting the film’s earnings.

A Turnaround on the Eighth Day

The eighth day marked a significant turnaround for “Mission Raniganj.” According to reports from Sacknilk, the film raked in an impressive Rs 3.50 crore on that day alone. This boost pushed the movie’s total collection to an impressive 21.75 crores, far exceeding its earlier box office numbers.

Tracking the Box Office Journey

To put the film’s recent success into perspective, let’s trace its box office journey so far:

  • First Day: Rs 2.8 crores
  • Second Day: Rs 4.8 crores
  • Third Day: Rs 5 crores
  • Fourth Day: Rs 1.5 crores
  • Fifth Day: Rs 1.5 crores
  • Sixth Day: Rs 1.35 crores
  • Seventh Day: Rs 1.3 crores

The steady climb in earnings and the substantial collections on the eighth day have undoubtedly put “Mission Raniganj” back on track and in a position to make a mark in the box office charts.

Mission Raniganj
Mission Raniganj

“Mission Raniganj” may have had a modest start, but its journey at the box office is far from over. With affordable ticket prices and a growing audience, the film is steadily making its presence felt and is poised for further success in the coming days.

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