In the realm of competitive examinations, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is considered one of the toughest nuts to crack. For Krishan Kumar Singh, hailing from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, this journey was marked by numerous hurdles, including several failures. Yet, with an unwavering spirit and undying perseverance, Singh managed to don the coveted title of an IAS officer.

Having grown up in the bustling region of Delhi-NCR, Singh finished his intermediate education in Ghaziabad. With a bright academic record, he then ventured into engineering, securing a B.Tech degree from a reputed institution in Delhi. But the calling of civil service was too strong to resist, and soon after, he embarked on his UPSC preparation.

Life, however, had other plans. After multiple attempts and failures at the UPSC examinations, Singh faced disappointment. But instead of succumbing to the weight of despair, he pivoted and took on the challenge of another competitive exam. His efforts bore fruit when he cleared the Reserve Bank of India’s examination, subsequently taking on the role of a manager.

Yet, the fire to become an IAS officer still burned brightly within him. With renewed determination, Singh decided to give the UPSC another shot. His dedication and revamped approach proved successful, and he cleared the UPSC exam not once but twice consecutively.

Singh’s strategy was meticulous. He broke down the extensive UPSC syllabus, curated his study materials, and created a rigorous study schedule. His mantra was clear: diligent hard work, efficient time management, and consistent answer writing practice. According to him, maintaining a positive attitude was paramount to navigating the challenging waters of UPSC preparation.

Krishan Kumar Singh
Krishan Kumar Singh

His belief and strategies culminated in an impressive achievement. Krishan Kumar Singh secured the All India Rank 24, making his dream of becoming an IAS officer a reality. Singh’s journey is a testament to the idea that with unwavering determination and the right approach, one can turn their dreams into reality, no matter the setbacks they encounter along the way.

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