From the fertile lands of Punjab to the shelves of international stores, Yadvinder Singh’s organic turmeric enterprise narrates a tale of determination, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Introduction to the Turmeric Tycoon:

Yadvinder Singh, hailing from the village Chogawan Sadhpur in Punjab, might have started his journey in the fields of his homeland, but today, his products have found homes in places as distant as America, Canada, and Australia.

The Seeds of Passion:

Behind Yadvinder’s success is the influence of his father, Karamjeet Singh, an employee in Punjab’s Education Department, who harbored a deep love for farming. This love often led him to the gates of Punjab Agricultural University.

Roots of Inspiration:

An annual fixture in the University’s calendar is the farmer’s fair, an event Yadvinder often attended with his father. These visits not only strengthened their bond but also instilled in Yadvinder a love for agriculture.

From Degrees to Fields:

Despite obtaining various academic degrees, including Computer Maintenance, B.Ed, and a Masters in Mathematics, Yadvinder’s quest for a government job remained unfulfilled. But instead of succumbing to disappointment, he channeled his energies into farming. Fourteen years later, his name resonates with respect in the region.

The Decision to Farm:

Yadvinder recounts, “After years of trying for a government position without success, I turned to farming in 2008. It wasn’t a mere fallback option; it was a conscious choice.”

An Innovator’s Belief:

While many struggled with traditional farming methods, Yadvinder had a vision. He believed that adopting modern techniques, coupled with dedication, could make agriculture both sustainable and profitable.

The Organic Revolution:

Bidding adieu to conventional farming methods, Yadvinder now champions organic farming on his 8-acre land. Not limiting himself to just turmeric cultivation, he’s expanded his portfolio to include turmeric pickles and powders, which he proudly exports.

‘Majha Foods’ – A Global Reach:

Nestled in his fields is an outlet named ‘Majha Foods.’ Though modest in size, its products have a massive reach, spanning states like Punjab, Haryana, and Maharashtra in India, and countries including America, Italy, Canada, and Australia.

Yadvinder Singh
Yadvinder Singh

Yadvinder Singh’s journey is an inspiring testament to the age-old adage, “When one door closes, another opens.” In the face of adversities, he found opportunities, turning his setbacks into a flourishing global enterprise.

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