Dono Box Office Collection Day 6: Bollywood, the illustrious dream factory of India, has always witnessed a mix of hits and misses. A recent addition to the misses is the film ‘Dono’, marking the cinematic debut of Rajveer Deol, the younger son of veteran actor Sunny Deol.

A Highly Anticipated Debut

Sunny Deol, an iconic figure in the Bollywood industry, had the entire industry buzzing with anticipation when it was announced that his younger son, Rajveer Deol, would be making his entry into the film world. The film ‘Dono’ was released in theaters on October 6, presenting Rajveer’s talent to the audience.

Box Office Struggle

Despite the media attention and the legacy of the Deol family, ‘Dono’ experienced a challenging time impressing the audience. A week post its release, the movie’s earnings haven’t even touched the Rs 1 crore mark, indicating its struggle to resonate with moviegoers. Such a lukewarm response positions the film in the ‘flop’ category, as per box office metrics.

Initial Earnings

The first-day collection stood at a mere Rs 10 lakh. While there was a glimmer of hope on the second day with a slight rise, making Rs 15 lakh, this momentum wasn’t sustained. The same amount was collected on the third day, but the fourth and fifth days saw a significant dip, indicating a lack of audience retention and word-of-mouth promotion.

Budget Versus Collection

For any film, its success is often determined by its return on investment. ‘Dono’, with Rajveer in the lead, was made on a considerable budget of Rs 25 crore. However, within six days of its release, it managed to gather only Rs 0.55 crore, making the return quite bleak.

Dono Box Office Collection
Dono Box Office Collection

The Bollywood industry can be unpredictable. Even with a powerful legacy and substantial investment, success isn’t guaranteed. Rajveer Deol’s debut film ‘Dono’ serves as a reminder of this unpredictable nature. While this might be a rocky start for the young actor, the journey has just begun, and the future holds numerous possibilities.

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