The Controversial Statement

IND vs AFG: During the game, Gautam Gambhir, a former Indian cricketer and now a commentator, advised fans with a bold statement, “Don’t go near him [Virat Kohli] during the India-Afghanistan match.”

Another Chapter in Gambhir’s History of Remarks

It’s not the first time that Gautam Gambhir, known for his straightforwardness, has made a statement that ruffles feathers. In the ongoing series, he once again made a comment, this time targeting India’s cricket sensation, Virat Kohli. The cricketing fraternity and fans waited with bated breath to understand the context of his words.

The Context Behind the Comment

IND vs AFG: Being part of the commentary panel for the match, Gambhir shed light on a topic that many fans might be unaware of. While discussing the ticket pricing and availability, he cautioned fans against approaching Kohli for match tickets. Emphasizing his point, he mentioned, “Just because there’s a stand named after a player, it doesn’t mean they possess tickets for it.”

Clarifying the Misconception

Gautam Gambhir further elaborated, “It’s a misconception that if a stand is named after someone, they automatically have access to all tickets for it. I, for instance, don’t have tickets for the stand named after me. Similarly, Virat Kohli doesn’t either.” To underscore this fact, he highlighted how Kohli had previously clarified on social media that he didn’t possess any tickets, urging fans not to reach out to him with such requests.

The Legacy of Stands

IND vs AFG: The Arun Jaitley Stadium proudly boasts stands named after both Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli, honoring their significant contributions to Indian cricket. Addressing the recent World Cup match ticket fiasco, Kohli had taken to social media a few days prior, making it abundantly clear that he didn’t have any tickets and requested fans not to message him regarding the same.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

The world of cricket is as much about the on-field drama as the off-field conversations. And while Gambhir’s comments were meant as advice, they certainly added an extra layer of intrigue to the India-Afghanistan match narrative.

Image Credit – espncricinfo