Bajaj Ethanol Bike: Bajaj recently made an announcement regarding the production of ethanol-based scooters in the Indian market. This development comes at a time when the world is rapidly advancing, and new innovations are making people’s lives easier. However, amidst this progress, there is a growing concern about the environmental damage caused by vehicles running on conventional fuels such as petrol and diesel. As a result, many countries, including India, are gradually phasing out vehicles that run on fossil fuels and considering electric vehicles as a viable alternative.

Nevertheless, electric vehicles still face certain challenges in terms of their high cost and the need for a robust infrastructure for charging. This is where ethanol-based vehicles come into play. These vehicles can cover greater distances compared to conventional vehicles when fueled with ethanol. Moreover, they have a significantly lower impact on the environment as compared to petrol-based vehicles. In line with this, Bajaj has announced its plan to manufacture ethanol-based scooters.

While the company hasn’t provided specific details about the scooter, in recent interviews, it has become clear that Bajaj intends to introduce ethanol-based bikes and scooters in the near future. Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways in India, had previously unveiled an ethanol-run car. Although production has not yet commenced, it is expected that the car will soon hit the Indian market.

Bajaj’s move to develop ethanol-based scooters comes as its electric scooter, the Chetak, has received a lukewarm response in the Indian market. Seeking to explore new possibilities, the company aims to capitalize on the advantages offered by ethanol-based vehicles. These vehicles have the potential to surpass even compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in terms of mileage, with the capability to achieve more than 100 kilometers per liter.

While there is no specific information available about when the scooter will be launched in the Indian market, Bajaj’s foray into ethanol-based vehicles sets the stage for other companies to follow suit. As a result, we can expect to see several new ethanol-based products in the near future. This move not only presents an eco-friendly alternative to consumers but also contributes to the global shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Bajaj Ethanol Bike
Bajaj Ethanol Bike


Bajaj has announced its plans to manufacture an ethanol-based scooter in the near future. This move comes as countries, including India, are moving away from fuel-powered vehicles due to environmental concerns. Ethanol-powered vehicles offer a greener alternative and can travel longer distances compared to petrol-powered vehicles. Bajaj’s ethanol scooter is expected to have a mileage of over 100 kilometers per liter, making it more fuel-efficient than other options. While there is no specific information about its launch in the Indian market, this announcement opens up a new path for other companies to explore ethanol-based products. This article is written by Saurav Kumar, a political science graduate who works as a freelance content writer.

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