Journeying from the boardrooms of a multinational corporation to the esteemed corridors of the Indian Police Service, Abhishek’s UPSC journey is nothing short of a tale of grit and determination. Born and raised in Katihar, Bihar, he embarked on a path many dream of, but few have the tenacity to tread.

Growing up in Katihar, Abhishek was an avid student. He journeyed to Patna for his senior secondary education and later engineering studies. His academic prowess soon caught the eye of recruiters, landing him a coveted role in a multinational company, with a package many would envy. Positioned in Hyderabad, his life appeared set for a corporate trajectory, aligned with the glitzy world of tech and business.

However, life in an MNC brought challenges Abhishek hadn’t anticipated. Working aligned to Western time zones disrupted his daily routine. For someone who cherished morning routines and prioritized health, late-night shifts became a concern. Rather than letting this lifestyle take a toll on his well-being, Abhishek confronted the situation head-on. Seeking counsel from his father, he made the bold decision to step away from the corporate world.

Supported by his father’s unwavering faith, he shifted his base to Delhi, the heartland of UPSC preparation. 2012 marked his maiden attempt at the Civil Services Examination. Despite the rigorous preparation, success remained elusive. But Abhishek was undeterred. 2013 saw him crack the UPSC exams, earning a position in the Indian Railway Service. Yet, his ambition was set higher. Opting to give the exams another shot, Abhishek aimed for the IPS. His determination bore fruit in 2014 when he achieved his dream of becoming an IPS officer.

IPS Abhishek
IPS Abhishek

Abhishek’s journey underscores the importance of perseverance, the value of supportive relationships, and the significance of prioritizing one’s well-being. His success in the UPSC exams, not once but twice, stands as a beacon of hope for aspirants nationwide, reminding them that with determination, even the toughest challenges can be surmounted.