Maruti Alto K10
Maruti Alto K10


– The demand for hatchback segment cars in the Indian automobile market is high.
– The Maruti Alto K10 is a popular car in this segment, with attractive looks and better mileage.
– The base model of the car is priced at INR 3,99,000 in the showroom, and INR 4,44,680 on-road.
– The car comes with an attractive finance plan, with a loan available at 9.8% annual interest rate.
– The car features a powerful 998 cc engine, with a maximum power of 65.71 bhp and peak torque of 89 Nm. It is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission for better performance.
Maruti Alto K10: The Most Popular Car in the Hatchback Segment

Hatchback cars have the highest demand in the vehicle market of our country. Many companies have introduced their cars in this segment, each better than the other. In this report, we will tell you about the popular car in this segment, the Maruti Alto K10. It is an attractive-looking car from the company with better features and higher mileage.

The base model of this car is priced at INR 3,99,000 in the showroom. On-road, its price reaches INR 4,44,680. However, you can also buy it without spending that much. If your budget is not INR 4.44 lakh, you can still make it yours. It is available with an attractive finance plan. In this report, you will find detailed information about the finance plan available for this car.

Maruti Alto K10’s Attractive Finance Plan

To buy the base model of the Maruti Alto K10, the bank will provide a loan of INR 3,96,680 at an annual interest rate of 9.8 percent. After availing this loan, you will need to make a down payment of INR 48,000. The bank offers a tenure of 5 years, i.e., 60 months, to purchase this car, and you can make monthly payments of INR 8,389 towards the EMI.

Maruti Alto K10
Maruti Alto K10

Information about Maruti Alto K10’s Powerful Engine

This car is equipped with a 998cc engine. It has a maximum power of 65.71 bhp at 5500 RPM and a peak torque of 89 Nm at 3500 RPM. The company offers a 5-speed manual transmission with this engine, which helps in enhancing its performance.

And, the Maruti Alto K10 is a popular car in the hatchback segment. With its attractive features, finance plan, and powerful engine, it offers a great option for car buyers in the market.

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