With the constant influx of new electric scooters in the Indian market, the high prices often discourage common citizens from purchasing them. However, Zelio has come up with a solution to this problem by launching their most affordable electric scooter yet. The Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter is now available in the Indian market at a price that fits everyone’s budget.

The Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter was recently introduced by the company. This scooter offers a range of features, convenience, and affordability. Let’s take a look at everything this electric scooter has to offer.

First and foremost, the scooter is equipped with a 48V/28Ah lithium-ion battery pack. This battery pack provides a range of 120 kilometers on a single charge, making it perfect for daily commuting. The scooter has a curb weight of 118 kilograms.

The Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter is powered by a 250-watt BLDC motor, which allows it to reach a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Charging the scooter to its full capacity takes only three to four hours.

One of the best things about this scooter is that it does not require registration or a license to ride. Being a low-speed electric scooter, it falls under the category that doesn’t require these formalities.

Now, coming to the price, the Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter is priced at just Rs. 54,575. If you prefer to purchase it on EMI, you only need to deposit Rs. 5000, and the monthly installment will be Rs. 1500.

The Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter offers an affordable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation for Indian citizens. With its impressive features and budget-friendly price, it is a great option for those looking to switch to electric scooters.

Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter


– Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter is the cheapest electric scooter launched in India.
– The company aims to solve the problem of high prices by offering an affordable option for the general population.
– The scooter has a lithium-ion battery pack that provides a range of 120 kilometers and weighs 118 kilograms.
– It is equipped with a 250-watt BLDC motor that provides a speed of 25 kilometers per hour.
– The scooter can be fully charged in three to four hours.
– It does not require registration or license to operate as it is a low-speed scooter.
– The initial showroom price of the scooter is Rs. 54,575, with an option to purchase it on EMI with a down payment of Rs. 5000 and a monthly installment of Rs. 1500.

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