Chandramukhi 2 BO Collection Day: The Bollywood arena recently witnessed the grand release of Kangana Ranaut’s much-anticipated film, “Chandramukhi 2”. Bestowed with the title of Bollywood’s queen, Kangana Ranaut is known for her sterling performances and trailblazing movies. Naturally, with her reputation, “Chandramukhi 2” carried a weight of enormous expectations upon its shoulders.

However, the film seems to be underperforming at the box office, much to the surprise of her avid fans and critics alike. While it’s not uncommon for movies to face fluctuations in collections, the significant drop for “Chandramukhi 2” has stirred conversations. The initial release day showed promise with a commendable Rs 8.25 crore in its kitty. This figure was provided by Saknilk, a trusted source for Bollywood’s box office reports.

Yet, the film’s second-day earnings paint a different picture. Collecting just Rs 4.50 crores, the movie experienced a sharp decline, reaching a two-day total of Rs 12.75 crores. This abrupt drop to almost half of its opening day’s collection is indeed alarming.

Chandramukhi 2 BO Collection Day
Chandramukhi 2 BO Collection Day

If this trend continues, “Chandramukhi 2” may face challenges in sustaining its theatrical run. A consistent dip in collections can spell trouble for any film, irrespective of its star power or content quality. For Kangana, this film was not just another project but a testament to her cinematic prowess.

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