The Vaccine War
The Vaccine War

From the acclaimed director of the blockbuster hit ‘The Kashmir Files’, Vivek Agnihotri’s latest cinematic endeavor, ‘The Vaccine War’, hit the theatres yesterday with high expectations. However, the anticipation seems to have taken a minor setback as the film grappled on its opening day.

The Kashmir Files Director’s New Project:

‘The Vaccine War’ arrived in theatres riding on the immense success of Agnihotri’s previous film, ‘The Kashmir Files’. With such a successful precedent, audiences had high hopes for this new release, making the film one of the most awaited ones this season.

Public Curiosity Peaks:

The question on everyone’s lips post the film’s release is—how much did the film earn on its opening day? With the rising prominence of box office numbers in determining a movie’s success, day one collections become an integral metric.

Star-studded Cast:

The film boasts of a talented ensemble cast, which includes notable names like Anupam Kher, Nana Patekar, Pallavi Joshi, Raima Sen, and Saptami Gowda. Such a starry line-up surely added to the movie’s initial pull, drawing audiences to the theaters.

Opening Day Figures:

Despite the palpable anticipation and a stellar cast, the film’s opening day numbers have been underwhelming. As per the early trend reports by SacNilc, ‘The Vaccine War’ managed to garner a collection of just Rs 1.30 crore on its debut day.

The Vaccine War
The Vaccine War

While the initial figures might not mirror the grand success of Agnihotri’s previous films, it’s essential to remember that the box office journey is a marathon and not a sprint. Over the coming days, the audience’s word of mouth and reviews could shift the tide in favor of ‘The Vaccine War’. Only time will tell how this story unfolds.

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