Chandramukhi 2 Box Office Collection: Kangana Ranaut, a renowned name in the Bollywood industry, launched her latest venture, ‘Chandramukhi 2’, with much anticipation. However, the box office results from the film’s debut day hint at a turbulent journey ahead, with the film clashing head-to-head with other major releases.

Tough Box Office Battles:

‘Chandramukhi 2’ made its entry to the theatres yesterday amidst fierce competition. Sharing the release date with blockbuster contenders like ‘Fukrey 3’ and ‘The Vaccine War’ did no favors to Kangana’s film, making the box office battle even more challenging.

Mixed Reception in the South:

While the original ‘Chandramukhi’ was a successful horror-comedy that won the hearts of many, its sequel, helmed by Raghav Lawrence, has been met with varied responses. With the South Indian audience giving ‘Chandramukhi 2’ a mixed reception, it remains to be seen how the film fares over its theatrical run.

First Day Collections:

As per the early trend reports from Sacknilk, ‘Chandramukhi 2’ managed to garner a collection of Rs 7.50 crore on its opening day. Though a respectable figure, it does fall short of expectations given the stature of the film and the star power of Kangana Ranaut.

External Factors Impacting Earnings:

The fact that ‘Chandramukhi 2’ had to grapple with two other major releases has undoubtedly influenced its earnings. ‘The Vaccine War’ and ‘Fukrey 3’ acted as potent competitors, carving out significant shares from the box office pie and subsequently affecting the overall collection of ‘Chandramukhi 2’.

Chandramukhi 2 Box Office Collection
Chandramukhi 2 Box Office Collection

As the week progresses, it will be intriguing to see how ‘Chandramukhi 2’ holds up against its competitors and whether it can bounce back from its initial stumble to regain momentum at the box office.

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