slippers and shoes
slippers and shoes

The increasing number of vehicles in India has led to a rise in the popularity of travelling by car. While many people purchase cars, they often overlook certain safety measures. In this article, we will not discuss specific vehicle regulations, but we will provide you with some important information.

Driving a car with flip-flops or sandals may pose risks that you may not be aware of. Wearing flip-flops while operating the clutch or accelerator pedal can increase the likelihood of slipping. If you suddenly attempt to brake, there is a higher chance of your foot slipping off the pedal. This can result in a loss of control over the car and potentially cause an accident.

In the event of an accident, both life and property can be at stake. Moreover, there is an increased risk of flip-flops getting stuck in the pedal. Shifting from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal with your right foot can also lead to the entrapment of flip-flops.

To avoid such accidents, it is advisable not to drive a car while wearing flip-flops. Always wear proper shoes while driving as they provide better grip on the pedals and protect your feet. If you are not wearing suitable shoes, it is better to refrain from driving altogether.

And, driving a car with flip-flops can be dangerous and increase the risk of accidents. It is crucial to prioritize safety by wearing appropriate footwear while driving to ensure better control and minimize the chances of accidents.



– The number of cars in India is increasing every year, as more people prefer to travel by car.
– Many people buy cars without following all the necessary rules and regulations.
– Wearing chappals while driving can be dangerous as there is a higher risk of slipping on the clutch or accelerator pedal.
– If the driver suddenly attempts to brake, there is a possibility of the chappal getting stuck on the pedal, resulting in loss of control and accidents.
– Wearing proper shoes while driving is recommended for better grip and safety.
– It is important to avoid driving with chappals to prevent potential accidents on the road.

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