Hemlata Chaudhary’s journey, from being surrounded by fields in a quaint hamlet in Barmer district to wearing the authoritative khaki of the Rajasthan Police, is the story of undying perseverance, determination, and a vision that doesn’t fade even amidst the most challenging circumstances.

A Beacon from Barmer:

Known fondly as Hemakakshi, Hemlata Chaudhary from Saranu village’s Chimanji hamlet has become the pride of Barmer by achieving the prestigious position of a sub-inspector in the Rajasthan Police. Her ascendancy has brought immeasurable joy to her village, with locals now seeing her as an emblem of hope and progress.

The Spark of Ambition:

At a tender age of eight, Hemlata’s first glimpse of a police officer in her village ignited a fierce ambition. The commanding presence of the officer in the uniform embedded a desire in her young heart, yearning to someday command the same respect and authority.

Challenges on the Home Front:

Life, however, had other plans. At seventeen, much before she could chase her dreams, Hemlata found herself navigating the intricate alleys of marital life, embracing familial responsibilities that came way too early.

Motherhood and Milestones:

By 21, Hemlata was not only a wife but also a mother. Balancing her duties at home and her aspirations, she took up a role as an Anganwadi worker. With a meager salary of Rs. 3,500, she continued her educational pursuits and nurtured her daughter.

Realizing Her Dream:

Nearly two decades after that childhood epiphany, Hemlata donned her dream attire: the revered khaki uniform. When she returned to her village, adorned with the two-star insignia, her community’s astonishment was palpable. The joy in her family was unmatched, their daughter had indeed made them proud.

The Road Less Traveled:

Hemlata shares insights into her preparation journey. After the Sub-Inspector recruitment exam, alongside her Anganwadi duties, she dedicated hours to self-study. Without succumbing to the conventional allure of coaching classes – which she believes are more distracting than beneficial – Hemlata embraced the digital age. Purchasing her first smartphone in 2016, she leaned on online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Telegram to supplement her preparations.

Self-belief Over Coaching:

Hemlata stands as a testament to the power of self-belief. Disregarding traditional coaching, she banked on self-study, stating, “If you believe in yourself, there’s nothing like self-study.”

A Pioneer in Her Village:

Her achievement isn’t just personal. Hemlata has broken barriers by becoming the first woman sub-inspector from her village. The dream she had harbored since childhood has finally come to fruition, sending out a strong message that dreams, no matter how big, are attainable with grit and determination.

Hemlata Chaudhary
sub-inspector Hemlata Chaudhary

In a society where women often find their dreams curtailed by societal norms, Hemlata Chaudhary’s story serves as an inspiring beacon. She exemplifies that with unwavering determination, even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome.