In the heart of Barabanki district, Uttar Pradesh, Ram Sharan Verma stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of agriculture. He’s not only transforming how potatoes are cultivated but also showcasing how traditional farming methods can be reimagined for better results.

A Progressive Approach:

Ram Sharan Verma is not an ordinary farmer. Hailing from the Barabanki district, he exemplifies excellence in modern farming. While he cultivates an array of crops – from grains and vegetables to fruits, his cutting-edge techniques in growing tomato, banana, mentha, and especially potato, have set him apart.

Braving Nature’s Wrath:

Traditional potato and wheat crops in UP often face the fury of nature, succumbing to rain and hailstorms. In stark contrast, Verma’s innovative cultivation method ensures that his potato yield remains unaffected, rain or shine.

Redefining Cultivation:

For potato farming, Verma uses specially-designed elevated beds with drainage channels on either side. This unique approach ensures that even during heavy rainfall, the crop is safe from waterlogging. Elevated cultivation further guarantees that potatoes do not rot.

Pioneering the Technique:

This groundbreaking cultivation method was first employed by Verma on 5 December 2019. Since its inception, he’s been achieving a whopping 250 to 275 quintals per acre.

Crop Rotation Perfected:

The versatility of Verma’s farming technique is evident in his crop rotation strategy. Post a 14-month banana cultivation, he shifts to potato farming for 90 days, maximizing the potential of his fields.

From Tomatoes to Mentha:

Following the potato yield, hybrid tomatoes take the stage for 120 days. The subsequent 90 days then see mentha flourishing in the same fields.

The 56-inch Technology:

Verma’s innovative “56-inch technology” has become a game-changer. Not only does it employ less water, but it also boosts potato production. The approach saves up to 30% water, resulting in 40% increased yield.

Tomato Cultivation Revolutionized:

Through the staking method, Verma has turned tomato cultivation on its head. While conventional methods yield around 200 quintals of tomatoes, using staking, Verma’s fields produce an astounding 400-500 quintals.

From Humble Beginnings:

Beginning his agricultural journey with just 6 acres, Verma, an individual with a high school education, stands as an embodiment of perseverance and innovation.

Expansion and Diversification:

Following in the traditional footsteps of his ancestors, Verma once cultivated staple crops on merely 6 acres. Today, he’s diversified his agricultural portfolio, reaping the bounty from 150 acres of land.

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Ram Sharan

Ram Sharan Verma’s journey illuminates the vast potential of modern agricultural techniques. His unyielding dedication and willingness to experiment have not only improved his yields but also offer a beacon of hope and inspiration to farmers everywhere.