In a significant turn of events, Saddam, a key accused in the murder of Umesh Pal, has been apprehended by authorities in Delhi.

Arrest in the Capital:

Saddam, a prime suspect in the infamous Umesh Pal Murder Case, was recently captured in Delhi. This arrest marks a significant stride in the ongoing investigation.

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STF’s Involvement:

The arrest was carried out by the UP STF (Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force) team. Interestingly, Saddam isn’t just an ordinary suspect. He is the brother-in-law of mafia Ashraf and was previously incarcerated in Bareilly District Jail. The STF Bareilly Unit of UP Police played a pivotal role in this operation.

Operational Leadership:

The arrest operation in Delhi was spearheaded by STF DSP Abdul Qadir. His team was actively stationed in the national capital, leading the pursuit of Saddam.

Price on His Head:

Illustrating the gravity of his alleged involvement, a reward of Rs 1 lakh had been declared for information leading to Saddam’s capture. Several teams were relentlessly working to track him down.

Backdrop of the Crime:

To understand the magnitude of this case, on February 24, Umesh Pal was tragically killed outside his residence in Prayagraj. He was a crucial witness in another high-profile case: the Raju Pal murder. Allegations were rife that mafia Atiq Ahmed, along with his accomplices, was behind the killing of Umesh Pal.

The Twist in the Tale:

What made Saddam’s capture even more intriguing is the manner in which he was found. He was caught red-handed, involved in an illicit affair with his girlfriend, which eventually led to his arrest.

The Hunt Continues:

Despite this significant arrest, the case is far from closed. Several other accused individuals linked to the Umesh Pal murder are still at large. The police and investigative agencies are tirelessly working to ensure they too are brought to justice.

In sum, while Saddam’s arrest is a noteworthy development, it underscores the intricate web of crime and relationships that spans across these cases. With many suspects still on the run, the authorities remain on high alert, hoping to bring closure to the affected families.

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