World Rabies Day
World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day serves as a reminder of the global efforts made to combat the disease and to raise awareness about its prevention. In Delhi, however, there’s a growing concern that needs immediate attention: the rising number of dog bites.

A Worrying Statistic:

The national capital sees a distressing number of dog bites daily. Approximately a thousand individuals, every single day, seek medical attention and rabies vaccination post being bitten by dogs.

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Escalating Incidents:

The Delhi-NCR region has witnessed a continuous surge in cases related to dog bites. With sprawling urban areas and a dense population, interactions with strays have increased, leading to more incidents.

The Underlying Cause:

Veterinarians believe that a change in the dogs’ behavior is largely due to their treatment. Often, these animals are subjected to mistreatment or negligence, making them more aggressive and prone to biting.

Mismatched Environments and Care:

There are certain dog breeds adapted to cold climates. Yet, many individuals in warmer regions, such as Delhi, keep them primarily for entertainment or hobby purposes. Without the appropriate care, environment, or understanding of their needs, these dogs can become frustrated and aggressive, leading to unfortunate incidents.

Sterilization Campaign by MCD:

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) estimates that the capital houses around seven lakh abandoned dogs. To curb the rising incidents of dog bites and to manage the stray dog population, MCD has ramped up its sterilization campaign.

Financial Support for Sterilization:

To ensure the success of this initiative, MCD has partnered with several NGOs. For every dog that undergoes sterilization, MCD compensates the NGO with Rs 900. This collaboration aims to manage the canine population effectively and reduce the incidents of dog bites.

World Rabies Day
World Rabies Day

while rabies prevention remains a significant concern, it’s equally crucial to address the root causes behind increasing dog bite incidents. Proper care, understanding, and a holistic approach towards stray dogs can pave the way for safer interactions and a healthier coexistence between humans and canines in urban spaces.

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