PM Modi's Speech
PM Modi's Speech

In the backdrop of the recently approved Reservation Bill, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a potent address, raised concerns over attempts by the opposition to categorize women based on caste and religion. This speech took place on September 27, during a public meeting held in Bodeli, situated in the tribal-centric district of Chhota Udaipur.

Reflecting on his tenure as the Chief Minister, PM Modi emphasized the progress Gujarat has witnessed over the years. He noted, “Until I assumed the role of CM, the tribal areas of Gujarat were devoid of science schools.” By highlighting this, Modi shed light on his continuous efforts to uplift and develop these tribal regions.

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But beyond the infrastructural developments and educational advancements, the Prime Minister also emphasized the personal sacrifices he’s made for the country’s benefit. In a poignant moment, he shared, “While there is no house registered under my name, I have endeavored to ensure many daughters of our nation have houses in their names.”

After his impassioned address in Bodeli, PM Modi journeyed to Vadodara, where he received a hearty and warm welcome.

Amid the backdrop of this Bill, various opposition parties, notably the Congress, SP, JDU, RJD, among others, have voiced their demands. They seek the inclusion of OBC reservation within the framework of the Women’s Reservation Bill. This move, as implied by PM Modi, appears to be a strategy to compartmentalize women, thereby creating unnecessary divisions.

Several prominent figures were in attendance during this event. Notable among them were Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat, the state’s Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, and the BJP state unit president, CR Patil.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Of India
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Of India

Concluding his speech, PM Modi reiterated his government’s focus and priority: to cater to the essential needs of the underprivileged. “Our paramount concern,” he remarked, “is to provide housing, ensure access to clean water, develop roads, facilitate electricity, and offer quality education to the economically weaker sections of our society.”

As the political landscape evolves, PM Modi’s address serves as a reminder of the need to rise above divisive politics and focus on the holistic development of the nation.

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