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In recent events, the Delhi Government’s Thyagaraj Stadium has become a focal point for sports enthusiasts and political spectators alike. A curious incident in the capital’s prominent sporting arena has stirred a rather unexpected controversy.

For some time now, athletes and sportsmen have raised an ongoing grievance. The core of the issue? Being prompted to conclude their training sessions by 6:30 in the evening. The reasoning behind this early cessation is as surprising as it is unsettling for the sporting community. It has been reported that this early conclusion is to accommodate the dog-walking routine of Delhi Government’s Principal Secretary (Revenue), Sanjeev Khirwar.

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Regular visitors and players at the stadium report a common occurrence post 6:30 PM. The stadium guards sound their whistles assertively, signaling the athletes to evacuate the field. What follows is an almost clockwork appearance of IAS officer Sanjeev Khirwar, taking a leisurely stroll with his dog.

Recognizing the burgeoning discontent, the Delhi government was quick to intervene. In a proactive move to quell the dissatisfaction among the city’s sportspersons, an official announcement proclaimed that all stadiums in the capital would remain operational until 10 pm. This extension is expected to provide ample time for athletes to practice and train without feeling rushed.

In light of these events, when the city’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, was quizzed about the situation, he alluded to the sweltering heat Delhi has been experiencing. He implied that the oppressive heat posed a challenge to the players, insinuating perhaps that the earlier timing might even be a blessing in disguise.

Attempts to gather a statement from the IAS officer in question, Sanjeev Khirwar, proved futile. Sources suggest that he is currently out of the city and remains unavailable for comments.

Delhi News
Delhi News

This entire episode, while seemingly trivial at first glance, managed to capture significant attention, primarily due to its political implications and the involvement of high-ranking officials. Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, too weighed in on the controversy, taking to Twitter to share updates about the new stadium timings.

While the resolution seems satisfactory, the incident underscores the need for clear demarcations between personal privileges and professional responsibilities, especially when public resources are involved.

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